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Turn your unwanted leads for any reason, into instant Cash!!


Turn your car leads in to cash

Private Party Lots operates nationwide. We assist companies in the auto industry turn car leads that your company would not purchase into extra cash. We pay on a per lead basis. We look forward to signing you up with our easy and transparent system. Ask us how to get started.


How it works

When your company receives a call from a seller for their car or truck, and they request more than what you offered, send a link to your customer and let us work our process and turn your lead into cash.

Register yourself

Register your company and receive cash. Sign-up is quick, easy, and transparent!

Refer someone

Refer your seller for immediate cash. Spend few seconds and make quick cash within 48 hours.

Get Commission

Get cash on every qualified lead with our company. We turn your unwanted lead into cash for your company!

Turn your car leads in to cash

Higher Profit

Get quick cash per qualified lead!

Quick inspection

Send your seller a link that provides us with a quick inspection. We turn that lead into cash for you!

Less Time

Under a minute of your time!

More Cars

More Money in your pocket stress free!


Built for the Auto Industry

Built For Mechanic Shops, Body Shops, Cash For Cars companies, Auto Recyclers, Junk Yards and much more!

“My company got a call for a car that we offered $500. The customer wanted $1000 on the car. Private party lots paid them the $1000 and gave me a referral on top of it. Win win for everyone involved.”

Carlos P.

“We focus on selling parts, and moving forward will allow Private Party Lots to handle our call flow. They handle junk cars and higher end cars. They also handled the title work and towing and give me a referral on each car purchased.”

Jack D.

“My customer called from San Jose and my junk yard is in Los Angeles. Private party lots bought the car same day. Not only are they in Ca, they operate nationwide and made my life easy and put money in my pocket instantly!”

Alex M.